ReFrame Your Faith

Many Christians today experience a frustrating and confusing disconnect  between the story of Scripture and the story of our lives. ReFrame equips Christians from all areas of life to make this connection. The goal of ReFrame is to help Christians see the gospel with fresh eyes and experience the renewing power of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives. Starting January 21 we will be hosting the 10 sessions course after the service on Sundays from 12-1pm in the sanctuary. Bring a lunch and we’ll have some great discussions.

January 21 – The Story We Find Ourselves In
January 28 –  Cultural Stories
February 4 – Creation & Fall
February 11 – Israel’s Calling
February 18 – Jesus the King
February 25 – New Heavens & New Earth
March 11 – The Church & The Spirit
March 18 – Strangers & Exiles
March 25 – Ambassadors
April 8 – Joyful Living

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