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It’s amazing how often people eat in the Bible. The dinner table is where stories and life are shared. It should be a place that is warm, inviting, and safe.

Jesus frequently found himself around the dinner table. One person said that when Jesus wasn’t teaching, preaching or healing…he was eating. And he gave his disciples one of the most significant eating experiences, just before he died.

The Lord’s Supper (Communion, Eucharist) is one of the sacraments* we celebrate at Strathcona Park Church. But within this sacrament there is so much meaning and depth. In our Lenten series we’re going to be looking at 7 approaches (Memorial, Fellowship, Forgiveness, Covenant, Nourishment, Anticipation, Eucharist) of the Lord’s Supper. Join us in our exploration and discover the depth of this powerful sacrament.

*Sacrament is a symbol. But more than that, it is an outward sign of an inward grace. There are many views on the Lord’s Supper but we believe that when God’s People respond to Jesus’ invitation – to come as you are and to encounter the Living God through the Holy Spirit – we leave different people than when we came. We are transformed and renewed by the power of Christ’s Spirit and sent out from the Table into the world to spread the grace that we’ve received.

**For sermon notes click here

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