General Assembly 2019

Family of King Jesus,

Some of you have likely been following the livestream of GA2019. As you can tell it has been a difficult time. Many people are hurting, there is fear and anxiety. There are those who feel like their voice is not heard or blatantly ignored.

This is not about which “camp” anyone is in but the reality that with such contentious issues, our broken humanity causes us to treat each other as less than human.

Tomorrow morning (Thursday morning) the difficulty continues. Please, please, please…please take time to pray. Pray for wisdom; compassion; grace; truth; love. Pray for all the commissioners (both those you agree and disagree with). Pray that the Spirit of Christ would fill the conference hall and that everyone would see each other first and foremost as children of God.

This is Christ’s Bride and He will lead her faithfully. Pray that she may remain faithful to Him as well.

Pastor Curtis

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