Church News: Updates!

Since COVID-19 affected all our lives, churches across the country have been forced to get creative and ask the question, “How do we be church in this context?” The reality is, the only thing that can stop the church from being a witness is its unwillingness to try.

We don’t want to be a church that gives up! So we’ve got some exciting opportunities for you:

Holy Week Devotional.

Starting Palm Sunday (April 5) we’ll have daily devotional videos available under the “What’s Coming Up” tab in our menu. These videos are meant to help us slow ourselves down and take our time journeying toward Easter.

Sometimes Easter is thought of as the biggest Sunday of the year (and it is!). But that can put a lot of pressure on one service and doesn’t always allow us to soak ourselves in the journey from the garden of Gethsemane, to the cross, to the tomb, to the discovery that it’s empty, through the confusion, to the declaration: HE is risen!!!

Join us in our daily journey through that experience.



Part of that journey certainly is Easter morning! We’ll be having our usual video message (found on the homepage of the website) but with a bit more interaction than we’ve had before (interactive prayers and music). The video will be up by 10:30am on Easter morning.

We invite you and your family to join us and be ready to run around the house and grab some supplies that will help us in our journey.

Book Study.

We also have an exciting video series exploring the “soul training exercises” (also known as spiritual disciplines) of James Bryan Smith’s book The Good & Beautiful Life. The devotionals will explore some of the broader themes and finish with the exercise opportunity. If you’d like to supplement your experience and get the book then follow this link.


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