Good & Beautiful Life 6

Welcome to video 6 in our 12 week series exploring the Good & Beautiful Life. 

At Strathcona Park we want to use this time during COVID19 to engage in practical disciplines to grow and flourish in our faith.

As we find ourselves in a season where we are left alone with our thoughts, feelings and way too much time on our hands, why not use this time to lean into God and abide with Him? In a series of videos we’ll be exploring different passages of Scripture, paired with various disciplines that will help us engage the these in deeper ways.

In this video we learn to live without lying. Our world can be desensitized to the deception of fibs and white lies that we live with a level of skepticism everyday: “What are they really thinking? What did they mean by that?” Jesus calls us to live in the truth which is a call to integrity. Join us as we explore Jesus’ teaching on lying.

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