“Even if a verse or a psalm is not my own prayer, it is nevertheless the prayer of another member of the community; and it is quite certainly the prayer of the truly human Jesus and his body on earth.” — Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

For today’s prayer, we have two parts. First, quiet your mind, body and soul before God. Position yourself in a comfortably (but not so comfortably that you’ll fall asleep). As you breath in and out, visualize that you are breathing in God’s grace and exhaling your own brokenness. When you’re ready, ask the Holy Spirit to bring to mind the name of someone in your life. This may happen quickly or it may take a while (that’s ok, be content in God’s timing and not your own). 

Once you have the name of the person, visualize their face. Lift them up in prayer. Pray for their home life, their school/work life, their family life, their secret life (the parts that God alone sees). Pray for God’s grace to wash over them and for the love of Jesus to fill them. Pray for the Holy Spirit to work God’s miraculous power in their life. 

After you have had a chance to pray for them, take some time out of your day to call them (maybe that’s on the phone, or Skype/FaceTime/Zoom). Let them know that you were thinking of them and prayed for them. Ask if there’s anything specific you can be praying for (even if they are not a Christian, people seldom pass on this invitation but rather appreciate the thought). If there is a prayer request, don’t just let it go. Follow up on it – schedule time to pray for that specific request (you may even offer to pray for them in that very moment, so as not to miss the opportunity to lift it up right then and there). 

“Do not even give a single thought of separating from your [church family], whether their opinions agree with yours or not. Just because someone does not agree with everything you say does not mean that they are sinning. Nor is this or that opinion essential to the work of God. Be patient with those who disagree with you. Do not condemn those who do not see things just as you do, or who think it is their duty to contradict you, whether in a great thing or a small.” — John Wesley

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