Presbytery Visitation

Hey SPPC Family!

We hope you are doing well, and we just want to let you know about our Presbytery Visitation that is coming up on Sunday, August 29th.

Why a visitation?

Session requested that presbytery send a team in to conduct a visitation as a means of holding up a mirror. 

As we considering engaging in collaborative ministry, it’s important to know what you are walking in with – what your strengths are and where your growth points are. A presbytery visitation will provide us with an outside eye, who can report back where they see our strengths and where we can mature. All of this information is good and helpful for healthy future ministry.

The Schedule

Here’s what you can expect on Sunday, August 29th.

We ask that anyone staying to meet after the congregational meeting bring a bag lunch and be ready to wait as times won’t be exact.

10:30-11:30 Worship. We will be having a pulpit swap with Tweed/Roslin and will welcome the Rev. Stephen Brown to Strathcona Park Church. He will be leading our service that Sunday and Pastor Curtis will be conducting their service. 

11:30-11:45 Congregational Meeting. Anyone who would like to stay and meet with the visitation team will have the chance immediately after the service.

11:45 15 minute lunch break & prep time for the visitation team.

12:00 Board of Managers.

12:20 Session.

Following session the team will be meeting with individuals who have requested to speak with the visitation team. 

Following individuals the team will be speaking to the Pastors.


Please keep the visitation team in your prayers, as they listen, discern and help us in our journey of self-awareness. 

Please also keep our congregation in your prayers as this is God’s Church. May the Spirit of Christ give us confidence and hope as we step out in faith and go where He leads us.

Many Blessings,
Pastors Elaine & Curtis

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