In this series we’re exploring the traditional 7 Penitential Prayers.
King David is known as a “man after [God’s] own heart” (1 Sam. 13:14; see also Acts 13:22). This title frequently puts David on a pedestal – someone to aspire to be like. But as we know, this man was far from perfect. In fact he was very much a broken, fatally flawed individual (not unlike you and I). So rather than putting him on a pedestal we’ll seek to see him as a prayer partner, who prays alongside us, travelling ON THE WAY of imperfection.
“These are prayers prayed on the way of imperfection, prayers prayed by those who don’t ‘have it all together,’ prayers prayed out of shame and sorrow for sin. They provide our praying imaginations with Holy Spirit antibiotics to protect us from perfectionist expectations, perfectionist pretensions, perfectionist illusions. They provide us a way of praying in detail what we inevitably experience on the way of imperfection.” – Eugene Peterson
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